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Abingdon Manor - Latta, South Carolina
Abingdon Manor Inn and Restaurant
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New from the Kitchen
Recipes of the Month

New from the Kitchen - Recipes of the Month
Date Recipe Type Click for recipe
August 17 Tuscan Steak with Olive Oil and Lemon Entrees Click Here
July 17 Summer Spinach Salad Salads Click Here
June 17 Creamy Polenta with Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese & Sautéed Mushrooms Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
May 17 Key Lime Baked Alaska Desserts Click Here
April 17 Crêpes St. Jacques Entrees Click Here
March 17 Roasted Root Vegetables Accompaniments Click Here
February 17 Sangria Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
January 17 Cedar Key Heart of Palm Salad Salads Click Here
December 16 Savory Palmier Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
November 16 Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Desserts Click Here
October 16 Ravioli with Ricotta & Spinach Stuffing and Sage-Butter Sauce Entrees Click Here
September 16 Grilled Shrimp with Romesco Sauce Entrees Click Here
August 16 Avocado, Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bite Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
July 16 Chocolate Mousse Desserts Click Here
June 16 Petite Tourtieres Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
April 16 Flounder with shallot cream sauce Entrees Click Here
March 16 Curried Chicken Almond Rolls Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
February 16 Rustic Tart with Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese & Thyme Accompaniments Click Here
January 16 Rustic Tart with Apples & Cranberries Desserts Click Here
November 15 Roasted Pears with Prosciutto & Sage Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
October 15 Peach Galette Desserts Click Here
September 15 African Eggplant Accompaniments Click Here
August 15 Avocado Cream Desserts Click Here
July 15 Potatoes Anna Accompaniments Click Here
June 15 Stuffed Medjool Dates Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
May 15 Pomegranate Relish Accompaniments Click Here
April 15 Palmier Desserts Click Here
March 15 Apple & Potato Soup with Fennel Soups Click Here
February 15 Grilled Pear or Peach Salad with Bleu cheese Vinaigrette & Sugared Pecans Salads Click Here
January 15 Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Amaretto Cream Desserts Click Here
December 14 Scotch Shortbread Cookies Desserts Click Here
November 14 Campari Poached Pears with Raspberry Sauce Desserts Click Here
October 14 Grand Marnier Souffle Desserts Click Here
September 14 Tuscan Steak with Lemon & Olive Oil Entrees Click Here
August 14 Beef Stroganoff Entrees Click Here
July 14 Paella Entrees Click Here
June 14 Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms with Hosin-chili glaze Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
May 14 Grilled Salmon Chowder Soups Click Here
April 14 Parmesan Gelato Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
March 14 Stuffed Polenta "Ravioli" Accompaniments Click Here
February 14 Ravioli with Spinach, Pancetta & Goat Cheese Stuffing Entrees Click Here
January 14 Shredded Collard Greens with Pickled Apples and Walnuts Salads Click Here
December 13 Pecan Tassies Desserts Click Here
November 13 Roasted Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Cayenne & Lime Accompaniments Click Here
October 13 Crab Ceviche Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
September 13 Cold Mango & Vegetable Spring Roll Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
August 13 Brioche Accompaniments Click Here
July 13 Belgian Endive and Prosciutto in Gruyère Cheese Sauce Accompaniments Click Here
June 13 Veal Rollatine Entrees Click Here
May 13 Glazed Salmon Fillet with Mustard Dill Sauce Entrees Click Here
April 13 Apple, Pecan & Cinnamon Multigrain Pancakes Breakfast Click Here
March 13 Almond Pear Tart Desserts Click Here
February 13 Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
January 13 Chocolate Turtle Delight Desserts Click Here
December 12 Chocolate Covered & Brown Sugar and Spice Pecans Desserts Click Here
November 12 Colonial Custard Apple Pie Desserts Click Here
October 12 Coconut Rice Pilaf Accompaniments Click Here
September 12 Scallops & Shrimp Kaobs with Fruit Salsa Entrees Click Here
August 12 Brandied Fruit & Flan Desserts Click Here
July 12 "Locro: A Ecuadoran Peruvian potato-cheese soup Soups Click Here
June 12 Grilled Romaine Salad Salads Click Here
May 12 Lemon Tart with Raspberry Sauce Desserts Click Here
April 12 Key Lime Parfait Desserts Click Here
March 12 Linzertorte Desserts Click Here
February 12 Chicken Saltimbocca with Lemon Sauce Entrees Click Here
January 12 Amaretto Cream Desserts Click Here
December 11 Old Fashioned Eggnog Accompaniments Click Here
November 11 Individual Breakfast/Brunch Quiche Breakfast Click Here
October 11 Sauteed Salmon in Panko Breadcrumbs Entrees Click Here
September 11 Fricassèe of Chicken Entrees Click Here
August 11 Mediterranean Scallops Entrees Click Here
July 11 Sandy Paradise Accompaniments Click Here
June 11 Pecan and Brown Sugar Bars Desserts Click Here
May 11 Filet of Beef with Boursin and Merlot Sauce Entrees Click Here
April 11 Kiwi & Calvados Sorbet Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
March 11 Seafood Newberg Entrees Click Here
February 11 Baked Sweet Potato Fries Accompaniments Click Here
January 11 Grouper Meuniere Entrees Click Here
December 10 Gingerbread House Desserts Click Here
November 10 Vietnamese Chicken in Puffed Pastry Entrees Click Here
October 10 Stuffed Pork Loin with Exotic Mushroom Demiglace Entrees Click Here
September 10 Tomato and Basil Tart Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
August 10 Blueberry Cobbler Desserts Click Here
July 10 Warm Goat Cheese Toasts with Rosemary, Walnuts and Honey Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
June 10 Honey Garlic Dressing Salads Click Here
May 10 Crab Salad Soups Click Here
April 10 Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Fresh Basil and Balsamic Vinaigrette Salads Click Here
March 10 Bordeaux Style Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Shallots Entrees Click Here
February 10 Coeur a la Crème Desserts Click Here
January 10 Chocolate Trifle Desserts Click Here
December 09 Basil Ice Cream and Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Lemon Glaze Desserts Click Here
November 09 Ice Cream Sundaes with Chocolate & Brown Sugar Sauces Desserts Click Here
September 09 Orange & Red Onion Salad Salads Click Here
August 09 Pinchitos Morunos (Small Spicy Moorish Kebabs) Entrees Click Here
July 09 Mixed greens, apples, and oranges with honey/garlic dressing Salads Click Here
June 09 Crepes Firenze Desserts Click Here
May 09 Chilled Chocolate Souffle with Berry Consomme Desserts Click Here
April 09 Gougères Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here
March 09 Breakfast BLT Breakfast Click Here
February 09 Tournedos Henri IV Entrees Click Here
January 09 Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Wilted Spinach & SABA Accompaniments Click Here
December 08 Filet of beef with Pomegranate Glaze Entrees Click Here
November 08 Noisettes of Axis Deer with Juniper Prune Sauce Entrees Click Here
October 08 Pears Belle Helene Desserts Click Here
August 08 Peach Melba Desserts Click Here
July 08 Goat Cheese & Watermelon Summer Salad Salads Click Here
June 08 Crab Imperial Entrees Click Here
May 08 Dilled Carrot Soup Soups Click Here
March 08 Shrimp BLTs Appetizers & Sorbets Click Here

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Nightly Entrees
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Abingdon Manor An Extraordinary Inn & Restaurant
307 Church Street
Latta / Florence, South Carolina 29565
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AAA Four Diamond Inn and AAA Four Diamond Restaurant
Abingdon Manor
An Extraordinary Inn & Restaurant
307 Church Street
Latta / Florence, South Carolina 29565
(843) 752-5090 • (888) 752-5090